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© 2019 Heal the MJ World. World charity project



Michael Jackson had a good intention of helping the world through the good deeds and his songs. After withstanding the attacks and attempts to blacken his name he didn’t give up. Now when he’s gone and can’t defend himself – it’s time for us to show that his work wasn’t for nothing. Let’s keep up with his good intentions and help the society to become a little better – help us to be more kind towards each other, and hear Michael’s message the way he wanted us to understand it, not the way it was presented to us by scandalmongers.

Objective of the project:

Whenever possible support a maximum number of the certified organizations and trusted people who need our help.

The form of your support doesn’t matter. It might be:

• transfers to bank accounts of organizations and individuals (on schoolbooks, operations, vaccinations, nursing, etc.);

individual or group volunteering at organizations (delivering toys and necessities, spending time with orphans and disabled people, blood donation, helping homeless and injured animals, specific volunteer programs, etc.)

• qualified help for organizations and individuals (training, lectures at educational institutions, help in managing the projects, etc.)

• else

In addition to your initiative, we offer to participate in raising funds for orphans through the charity organization "SOS Children's Villages". Every year for Michael's birthday, we will send your donations to the "Sponsor A Child" program for the children who need it most. You can read more about the project and the program here.

Also, throughout the year we organize the collection of letters and gifts for children, in which everyone can participate. Details you can found on instagram.

There are a lot of organizations who need different kinds of help and our goal is to do everything we can to support them. It can be a small donation (one-time or monthly), and as we know there are many of us – it becomes a big step towards helping the world and clearing the name of Michael Jackson.

Michael loved and protected his fans, he considered them his family and told that his fans are activists and will fight to the end. So let’s combine all our power and turn it into the good deeds that were important to him.

We are sure Michael would be proud that his fans continue his work.